3132 Broadway St.
Chicago, IL 60657

Our History

Kitchen 17 is a fully vegan Chicago restaurant specializing in comfort food with house-made meats, cheeses, desserts … and a full bar. 100% ethical decadence. Come join us, when you can.

The totally true tale of Kitchen 17 begins long ago with Sir Edwin Currentqueller, the royal woodchuck who, weary of stumps, concocted a fabulous array of vegan pizza recipes with which to dazzle his herbivorous woodland allies.

Sir Edwin shared his recipes with a lucky human chef who spent years studying the script claw-etched onto sheaths of willow bark. In 2013, the disciples had deciphered enough to open the restaurant in its original location.

In 2016, we moved to our current location, where we strive to create a congressive, collaborative, supportive environment for our staff and patrons alike. We’re sorry that it’s been a while, but we hope to have you back soon – eating pizza, quaffing drinks, playing games.

Sharing food is a way of showing love. Sharing vegan food is a way to extend that love to not only the friends sitting down to eat with us, but to the wider world as well.

And we’re still using Sir Edwin’s original recipes. All except for his “double-acorn-stuffed stump bread,” which we’re still trying to figure out. Perhaps it’s more palatable to woodchucks.