How It’s Made: Kitchen 17 Vegan Pizza


K17 Vegan Pizza

Each vegan pizza is made in-house and from-scratch! Using only non-GMO ingredients, crafting every component by hand; from the dough to the vegan milks we use in our cheeses, we invoke an artisan process at every step.



Our signature blends for wheat and gluten free doughs, perfectly timed rising and baking. Making our pizzas has become a methodical process of coordinated assembly, all centered around the timing of the dough.


From the Blodgett ovens to the dough mixer and the meat slicer, the tools you use are important – so, very, important. Through the years, we’ve learned to work on our own appliances and to take advantage of every inch of space!


Each pie gets a different toppings process, and production is typically divided by deep dish and pan.

For the deep dish, it goes: crust, toppings, cheese, sauce-on-top, and a condiment drizzle or denoting garnish.

For the pan pizzas, it goes: crust, sauce, toppings, cheese, and then sometimes even more toppings and sauce drizzles.


Art and science meet when our flavorful pizzas have their shifts in the oven. For freezing, we want the crust to be cooked, but not too much. We want the insides to be solid, but not to the point they get overcooked when they go in your home oven. Temperature and timing!


Our specialty pizzas get an extra treatment at the end: the swirl. All of our sauces are crafted in-house, including the beloved vegan dill ranch!


As always, temperature and timing between the oven, cooling, and freezing are crucial to a great home-cooked ‘za making it safe and sound to be a ‘za cooked in YOUR home! We ensure that every pizza is thoroughly frozen and passes our quality control. “Scratch and Dent” pizzas make it into our discount freezer at the restaurant!

Flour & yeast

Our flour blends are carefully selected and thoroughly mixed to ensure the best flavor and texture for wheat and gluten-free crusts. Every batch of dough is made with yeast and set to rise for the optimal amount of time to form each type of bread and crust. When we are making pizzas that will be frozen, crusts are baked ever so slightly before any of the sauce or toppings are added.

LOCAL non-gmo

In addition to makeing all of our soy milk in-house from local, non-gmo soybeans, we also source local ingredients whenever possible or seasonal. This includes working with small farms and growers to coordinate ingredients we need for making pizza!

All of our ingredients are non-gmo, and we are excited to introduce limited-edition pizzas made from wild and rare seasonal ingredients, grown and harvested specially for Kitchen 17.

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